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Evolution of purchasing power

en-savoir-plus-pdfBy a formal Decision, the Council refused to adopt the Commission’s proposal to adjust remuneration and pension in accordance with the Method. The Commission has decided to bring an action against the Council in the Court of Justice for not adopting the annual adjustment to remuneration and pensions of EU staff, thus breaching the Staff Regulations.

Draft proposal for amending the Staff Regulations

en-savoir-plus-pdfInflation in Luxembourg triggered a 2.5% salaries’ increase. Indexation of salaries is safeguarded only thanks to the strong position of Luxembourg’s trade unions. For EU contract staff, this means that not only Function Group I, grade 1, but also FG II, grade 4, are falling below the minimum legal salary for a skilled worker in Luxembourg (read the attachment). If the draft proposal for Revising of the Staff Regulations were to be adopted, secretaries / clerks as a whole would no longer be recruited as officials, but as FG II contract staff.

What’s on the Commission’s table?

en-savoir-plus-pdfThe Commission is currently examining a series of requests from the Council, but also from the European Parliament, with a view to present its proposed amendments to the Staff Regulations. Those proposals should be adopted by the College of Commissioners on 29 June 2011, following which they will be subject to consultation with the trade unions.