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+0.7% update under the exception clause

The sanitary crisis has triggered the exception clause, which will be applied for the first time in its 2014 Staff Regulations version. Luckily, the exception clause is no longer left to the subjective assessment of the institutions, which in the past had raised social unrest. You may find here explanations on the working of the Method. In VOX Nr 117, you can find an overview of how the 6th method has worked so far (in FR).

Pro rata temporis calculator

en-savoir-plus-pdf-fr For officials of grades AST 1 to AST 8, AD 5 to AD 11, SC: The calculator of the pro rata temporis mechanism (attached Excel file) applies to your promotions, in the Court of Justice only. This mechanism was invented and fine-tuned by EPSU-CJ, which guarantees its correct application. You may find an overview of the system in this PPT.


Show your face!

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frWe are inviting you to upload your photo to the organisation chart on the institution’s intranet site and to your email address. Please click on the faceless image to read further.

Sharing Experience, Building Solidarity!

Pie_dépenses_2016EPSU CJ held its annual general meeting in accordance with the specific arrangements related to the health crisis. It set out its goals for the coming period. In addition, it approved its accounts. Contributions, a guarantee of independence, are growing steadily. Click on the picture to see how expenses are broken down.