Pro rata temporis mechanism confirmed and extended

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frConceived by EPSU CJ and applicable solely in the Court of Justice, the pro rata temporis mechanism will henceforth apply to all officials up to grade AST 8 and AD 11, regardless of their date of recruitment (see conclusions of the consultation held between the Court Administration and EPSU CJ).

Agents contractuels : quelles perspectives ?

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frLes règles qui concernent les agents contractuels sont, par leur nature, complexes. En fait, la distinction entre les deux types de contrat d’AC, 3bis et 3ter, est fondamentale : Le premier donne accès à un contrat à durée indéterminée (CDI), le second pas.

Union finances: Transparency and accountability

Having its members’ subscriptions ( 17.149,37) as its only resource, EPSU-CJ spent, in 2014, a total amount of 18.202,24. An exceptionally important amount was spent on creating this Website.