EPSU CJ : Strengthening trade union democracy

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frWith the highest number of votes (39.2%) and 6 seats, EPSU CJ remains the only representative union at the Court of Justice. EPSU CJ alone will represent the staff of the institution at the negotiations on the Staff Regulations.

A first false step

en-savoir-plus-pdf-fr7 out of the 13 members of the newly elected Staff Committee “decided” to request the Human Resources to fill the two full-time posts made available to the StaffCom in breach of the 2/3 quorum rule. EPSU CJ informed the Administration about it. By a formal Decision of 29 March 2017, the Registrar of the Court upheld EPSU CJ’s position.

Basic salaries 2016-17

As from 1 July 2016, salaries of officials and temporary staff and those of contract staff (see comparison with Luxembourg indexation as from 1-1-2017) were increased by 3.3%.

StaffCom Elections: What are the stakes?

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frThere are two components to staff representation: statutory and trade-union. You will need both.

StaffCom Elections – 7 December 2016

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frEPSU CJ (an affiliate of USF) – Our programme – Our candidates.

Luxembourg weighting? Don’t be fooled!

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frEstablishing a weighting for Luxembourg requires amending the Staff Regulations, which is known to be a high-risk operation.

EPSU-CJ: a new start under the USF banner

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frIn Staff Committee elections on 7 December, colleagues in the Court of Justice will have every reason to vote for EPSU-CJ (an extract from Agora Magazine N° 77).

Annual update of salaries: +3.3%

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frFollowing years of loss in purchasing power, an amended Method was put back on the tracks in 2015. The update for 2016 will be +3.3%. How was this figure calculated ?

Pension rights : Transferring or not ?

As salaries are dropping, the minimum subsistence figure rule is increasingly determinant in calculating your pension (for SCs, for contract staff, and for ASTs with an incomplete career prospect).

Language course outsourcing

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frIt’s time to stop social dismantling and guarantee the dignity of all workers who directly or indirectly work for the institutions.