Annual update of salaries: +1.7%

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frThe update taking effect on 1 July 2018 is +1.7%. You may find here some explanations on how this figure was calculated. You can also find the updated salary grids for officials and temporary staff and for contract staff (see comparison with Luxembourg minimum social wage as from 1-1-2019 and pay supplement (in FR)).

Health insurance : Understanding before taking action !

The field of health insurance is a very complex and very sensitive issue. We hope that the attached slides will contribute to better understanding the stakes.

mPass: one more effort to reach 1000 card-holders!

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frIf the number of mPass card-holders crosses the threshold of 1000, the Verkéiersverbond will increase its discount from 20% to 30%.

Social Minimum Wage increased – Supplement adjustment

On the basis of an agreement concluded with EPSU CJ, the Court pays, since the beginning of year 2018, to contract staff with a gross salary lower than the Luxembourg social minimum wage a Pay supplement. The social minimum wage was increased (+2.5%) as from 1 August 2018; see Social minimum wage and indexation of salaries; Sozialer Mindestlohn und Lohnindexierung. Therefore, the Court Administration will have to recalculate its pay supplement in function of the new Luxembourg amounts. The increasing gap between the EU gross salary and the Luxembourg social minimum wage will also result in an increasing number of recipients of this amount.  Check the (unchanged) pay grid for contract staff, in relation to the (increased) Luxembourg Social Minimum Wage.

JSIS : What remedies for a sick scheme ?

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frBy a “Note setting a Legal Framework “, the Sickness Insurance Management Committee has identified three problems affecting this scheme: 1. Problems of access to health care; 2. Overpricing in relation to the rates applicable to national insured persons; 3. The obligation to contribute to a national health insurance scheme. EPSU CJ comments on each of the three (in FR).

Promotions beyond grades AD 12 and AST 9

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frWe are currently in the 5th year since the 2014 Staff Regulations came into force and the implementing provisions enabling promotions to AD 13-14 and AST 10 posts have still not been adopted. It is urgent to do so. Read our flyer (in EN) and our letter to Admin (in FR).

Overcharging medical expenses – End-of-season case law

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frSome judgments mark an end of season: The Court is reassured by the fact that the case decided can no longer serve as a precedent, since the legal framework has meanwhile changed, so that a case similar to the one in dispute can no longer arise (text in FR).

Democracy, transparency and accountability

Only a trade union relying on members’ subscriptions can claim it is independent. This is so with EPSU CJ (subscriptions collected in 2017: € 21 947.72). Click on the image to see how expenses are broken down.