Season-tickets for cross-border workers!

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frThe institution, which will be released in future from its contribution to the mPass, will have to subsidize our cross-border colleagues in a way that has yet to be specified.

2019 Elections – The staff at a crossroads


The independence that matters to you is independence from the institutions! A Staff Committee can act in a spirit of independence only  if it is backed by a strong and independent trade union! The team of EPSU-CJ candidates has the means and the determination to defend you at all levels of staff representation, both statutory and trade-union.


EPSU-CJ Message for the elections


A strong Staff Committee is one backed by a strong and independent trade union!

2019 Salaries update +2.0%


The combined effect of the gain in the purchasing power of national civil servants (+0.5) and the Joint Brussels-Luxembourg Index (+1.5%) results in an update of our pay and pensions by 2.0%.

Frontal attack on the European public service


“ … France supports the adoption of economic measures such as adopting a new target of overall staff reduction …”.