2019 Elections – Our positions in short

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frDespite its lack of human ressources, EPSU-CJ has been able to deal with things that matter. Give us the means to do much more! Restore the missing balance!

Season-tickets for cross-border workers!

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frThe institution, which will be released in future from its contribution to the mPass, will have to subsidize our cross-border colleagues in a way that has yet to be specified.

2019 Elections – The staff at a crossroads


The independence that matters to you is independence from the institutions! A Staff Committee can act in a spirit of independence only  if it is backed by a strong and independent trade union! The team of EPSU-CJ candidates has the means and the determination to defend you at all levels of staff representation, both statutory and trade-union.


EPSU-CJ Message for the elections


A strong Staff Committee is one backed by a strong and independent trade union!

2019 Salaries update +2.0%


The combined effect of the gain in the purchasing power of national civil servants (+0.5) and the Joint Brussels-Luxembourg Index (+1.5%) results in an update of our pay and pensions by 2.0%.

Frontal attack on the European public service


“ … France supports the adoption of economic measures such as adopting a new target of overall staff reduction …”.

How the Joint Index cost us 0.5 %

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frThe ‘Joint Index’ —which makes no economic sense— has reduced, in fact, our general salary growth by 0.5 % since 2015.

Pro rata temporis calculator

en-savoir-plus-pdf-fr For officials of grades AST 1 to AST 8, AD 5 to AD 11, SC: The calculator of the pro rata temporis mechanism (attached Excel file) applies to your promotions, in the Court of Justice only. This mechanism was invented and fine-tuned by EPSU-CJ, which guarantees its correct application. You may find an overview of the system in this PPT.

Creating a correction coefficient (cc) for Luxembourg? Legal framework

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frThe conflict between the economic reality and the legal framework in force has given rise to the demand for a Luxembourg cc. However legitimate the debate on the usefulness of this claim may be, misrepresenting the legal framework (‘fake law’) is just unacceptable.

Geographical balance not achieved

It is mainly the language regime centred on French which accounts for chronic and structural geographical imbalance in the Court of Justice.