Cross-border season tickets: Why this parsimony?

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frThe rules on subsidising season tickets, which the Court of Justice adopted by skipping social dialogue, happen to be more restrictive than those of the Commission. Social dialogue matters!

Show your face!

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frWe are inviting you to upload your photo to the organisation chart on the institution’s intranet site and to your email address. Please click on the faceless image to read further.

Sharing Experience, Building Solidarity!

Pie_dépenses_2016EPSU CJ held its annual general meeting in accordance with the specific arrangements related to the health crisis. It set out its goals for the coming period. In addition, it approved its accounts. Contributions, a guarantee of independence, are growing steadily. Click on the picture to see how expenses are broken down.

Notice convening two General Meetings

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frThe Grand-Ducal Regulation of 20 March 2020 enabled associations to hold their General Meeting in videoconference until 30 June 2020. EPSU-CJ members will find here a notice convening two General Meetings, as well as their practical arrangements (in FR).

State of emergency – solidarity through concrete measures!

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frTo enable colleagues under compulsory telework to cope with their overlapping duties, the expected output must be adapted to each person’s material and family conditions, particularly for parents with children under 12.

2020: Will the coronavirus attack our pay?

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frSince 2014, the Staff Regulations no longer leave it to the institutions to determine whether or not there has been “a serious and sudden deterioration in the economic and social situation”. Instead, they set objective criteria for this.

The termination of the Agreement with Hospitals is now backfiring

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frBy terminating the 1996 Agreement with the Luxembourgish Hospitals the Commission has left behind a legal vacuum. Now, it’s the PMO that decides! And it decides to abolish generalised direct billing for inpatients. How did we get here? EPSU CJ provides answers.

Cross-border commuters: ‘Free of charge’ means more expensive!

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frAs from 1 March 2020, public transportation within the GD of Luxembourg will be free of charge. But what about cross-border commuters ? It turns out that in some cases it will be more expensive than before!

The 2019-20 Salary Grid

The remuneration and pensions for the month of December are updated with effect from 1 July 2019: In the tables ‘officials and temporary staff’ and ‘contract staff’ you will find useful links; see also 2019 Update. The Luxembourgish Social Minimum Wage was increased as from 1-1-2020. On the basis of an agreement concluded with EPSU-CJ, the Court of Justice provides a pay supplement to colleagues who earn less than the Social Minimum Wage.

2019 Elections – Our positions in short

en-savoir-plus-pdf-frDespite its lack of human ressources, EPSU-CJ has been able to deal with things that matter. Give us the means to do much more! Restore the missing balance!